Just Turn The Page

I am so glad you found me.

Did you know our lives are connected? Better yet, WE share similar stories.

How can my story be about your story?

Well, has life knocked you down a time or two? Have you ever felt broken, misunderstood, confused, and lost? How about disillusioned with life? With religion? With God? Have you ever asked, “Why God?”

Maybe, you don’t ask those questions, but have you felt like God has completely abandoned you in the midst of life? Or maybe, the how-to, name-it-claim-it faith, scriptural prescriptions, and the spiritual clichés failed to save you from suffering.Or maybe, you believe that Jesus stuff isn’t for you. Or you are just tired of superficial shallow responses from well-meaning Christians who have no idea what your life is like.Maybe you are like me: You long for more and you demand answers.

Raw and Beautiful

Let’s be honest. Life is downright hard. Yet, it is also raw and beautiful. Life is not scripted for us, but there is a purpose to our life—even in suffering. I have known suffering most of my life. However, I found hidden treasures in my pain.

In sharing my story with you, I hope you will see a little bit of me in yours. And that together, we will discover hidden treasures in your pain—no matter how far-fetched that seems.

Just so you know

I am not trying to save you. I can’t. Jesus saves, not me. Nor I am pushing my religion down your throat, because I don’t have a religion.

I am a Christ follower.

I am a sinner in need of a Savior every moment of every day. I mess up every day. I make bad choices. I make good ones.

Jesus is part of my story. My hero.


He loves me. He rescued me. He has forgiven me. He changed me. He gave me purpose. He wanted me when no one else did, and most of all He set me free.

I Encourage You Too

Share your story with me. Even your beliefs. I am interested in YOU! Be open to my story and I will be open to yours.

Just know that not believing does not change God’s belief in you nor mine.

I AM Committed to You

My heart longs to connect with yours. Life is meant to be experienced with others; it is not a solo act. My blog is about connecting with you.