A Week Full of Adventure

Our Week Full of Adventure began with a trip to Hunting Island State Park for Memorial Day weekend. Eddie and I have been married for fifteen years in September, and this is the first time we have been able to join our extended family for the holiday weekend. Usually, Eddie was deployed somewhere in the world, or we chose to take the time to reflect with others on the sacrifice our service members have made, but this year a change was in the air. Eddie was born on Parris Island, the Marine base, near Hunting Island. His mother and siblings with their families still live in South Carolina near the island. This was our (the kids and mine) first trip to the island, not South Carolina.

I fell in love with Hunting Island. A popular camping ground, Hunting Island State Park is a beach island nestled between historic Beaufort, S.C. and the Atlantic Ocean. The tide is out during the
morning hours allowing beach goers, surfers, and fishermen to enjoy the four mile stretch of land. Of course, no surf goes unchallenged by a group of adventurous boys.
Left to right: Alex Arzillo, Charlie Coon, Peyton Scott, Hadyen Daley, Joshua
Arzillo and Jedidiah Coon. Back: James “Eddie” Coon
When the water depletes your energy, the quiet campground shields campers from strong ocean winds, and large palm trees provide cool shade while a sturdy chair offers tired campers a place for an afternoon nap.


Eddie Coon
The lighthouse is a about a two-mile roundtrip hike. I didn’t get a chance to hike it, but Summer and her new friend Briana Scott braved the hike. They report the hike is well worth the effort.
Courtesy of wanderingdawgs.com
Each night a family would take turns cooking for everyone. Our last night, Richard and Kelly had an awesome fish fry!
Uncle Richard Arzillo and Summer Coon

My favorite part of the whole trip was some honey time with my amazing warrior—who may be retired now, but was and is always MY WARRIOR!

Me and my Warrior
and of course the kids…
Me and Summer “Tinkerbell” Coon
Me and Jedidiah “Jederbug” Coon
…we couldn’t  catch Charlie long enough to get a pic. However, I did get him in the middle of the week
when he was down with a sinus infection…on his 14th Birthday!
Me and Charlie “Boo Boo Bear” Coon

No worries though! We ended our Week of Adventure with a basketball party for our future college athlete…lookout Georgia Tech! This turned out to be extra fun as our Jamaican friends and neighbors taught this family the secret to making jerk chicken!

Charlie’s Basketball Team…Express Showcase…well a few of them
Our week began with a trip—the first trip we have ever taken on Memorial Day weekend; a significant change in-of-itself. Every part of the weekend I absolutely loved and cherished—from South Carolina’s mesmerizing landscape with its mossy oak trees, palms, salty marshes—to the sweet hypnotic fragrances of jasmine, magnolias, azalea’s,  and honeysuckle (my husband’s favorite)–to connecting with new friends, like Michelle Scott, and reconnecting with family. In fact, most of the South’s heritage has a special kind of appeal to me. I find myself drawn into its deep mystery, and
wonder if God is not turning my heart towards this placeOur week ended with a celebration of our firstborn son’s fourteenth birthday! It also ended in anticipation of more change. Right now, we are waiting on God to make His will for us clear. When He does, then we get toTurn the Page!