the professional bio

Samantha has a BA in English & Professional Writing.  She is a teacher, writer, and amateur photographer. She has taught in public and private schools as well as homeschool coops; where she currently teaches middle and high school Literature & Composition classes. She also homeschools her two sons. Samantha’s passion for education stems from her youth; she was a high-school dropout. She knows firsthand the stigma that follows high school drop-outs. She insists that every student deserves to receive the best education regardless of socio-economics, race, and religion. Samantha believes a one-size-fits-all education program hinders learning, but rather, an individual instructional approach that considers the whole student (i.e. family life, environment, and other factors) enables her to teach in such a way that facilities learning with every willing student. Samantha’s education philosophy is Teach2Learn, which means teach until the student fully understands the concepts being taught. When a student truly grasps the content, then-and-only-then, can a student transfer that knowledge into every facet of life. Her students affectionately know her as The Barefoot Teacher. Because every student deserves the best from their teacher, Samantha is constantly studying to improve herself not only as a teacher and writer, but also as a person. Samantha is currently pursing her Master of Education (M.Ed.) at Regent University.

Samantha’s life experiences also fuels her passion to write. Writing is a form of healing. In sharing her life story with others she is able to connect with others who share similar stories. Writing also allows her to explore humanity, hers and others, in greater depth. In so doing, she is not only able to Embrace Her Story, but help others to embrace their own. Combining her personal background and professional studies, she writes on topics ranging from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)-including combat PTSD, dysfunctional families, finding normal in a not-so-normal-world; as well as hope, faith,  grace, and her hero, Jesus. She is currently researching her first book: a memoir about mother’s and daughters, inspired by her relationship with her mother.

Samantha lives in N.C. with her husband Eddie, a retired twenty-six year veteran who taught her the true meaning of unconditional love. She has four children and three grandbabies. Her children give her the courage and strength to pen a new day—everyday.

the real me

Don’t you just love formalities? Well, I am far from formal or normal. I am a sit back, barefoot, (Hence: The Barefoot Teacher) nature lovin, wanna be outdoors —all the time, kind of gal. I love true stories and messy people. Mostly because I am messy myself, and not the disorganized kind. I am actually really organized. I think being organized on the outside will somehow order my chaos. Not really. I am a bit tangled. You know? Rapunzel’s twin. Seriously. Just ask anyone who knows me.

When I am untangled, I like good books and feel-good movies. I especially like coffee, warm summer nights, and the sound of a river rushing down a mountain—my favorite place to be. I hate shopping and prefer the outdoors. I love camping, hiking, kayaking, and cycling—anything but crowded spaces. Mostly, I love my family, teaching, writing, and Jesus.

I believe every life is a love story worth telling. I like helping others discover their unfolding story, and see how their story intertwines with a greater story – God’s story. I love people, especially the broken and shattered ones, the ones who seem to live in perpetual chaos. I believe God can and does redeem the ones the world gives up on, turning their messes into something very beautiful.